2021 Ferrari Omologata Celebrates Their GT Racing History

Somewhere in Europe is an amazing collection of Ferrari race cars. The owner has a passion for privateer teams and factory builds meant to battle in GT races around the world. As such, he has a hot line to Maranello when he is inspired to build something unique. Money is not an object for collectors of this caliber, so the 2021 Ferrari Omologata celebrates their GT racing history.

Don’t call it an 812 Superfast, because the only parts they share are the headlights and windshield. Designers were given a blank canvas to sculpt a new body with cues from the past. Doing this while maintaining the aerodynamic efficiency and downforce would be a challenge for lesser automakers, but this marks the 10th special edition based on their late-model V12 lineup.

Over two years and many late nights were spent perfecting the body in the virtual realm before the first panel was struck. Prominent fender flares allow the tapered lines to culminate in a smaller grille. While the car looks lowered, your eyes are playing tricks on you. They have really outdone themselves, but we say that every time. Leave it to Ferrari to make their amazing cars even better, and fulfilling the dreams of their valued customers. As soon as this car is seen in action, you will see it here first. In the meantime find your 812 Superfast below and have a great weekend.

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