Williams & Italdesign Join Forces To Build An Electric Future

Composite chassis gain Italian styling

Williams Advanced Engineering is a powerhouse in racing. But you might not know they have been working on a new modular chassis for street-legal supercars. The suspension and dimensions will be made to order, and this has piqued the interest from automakers around the world. Their previous electric news was the unveiling of Triumph’s new TE1 motor.

The EVX will integrate the battery cell into the structure of the car, an optimal way to save weight. The flat surface allows for a variety of bodies and applications, including sports coupes and family haulers. The goal is to offer 10,000 examples per year, with 500 already committed by Italdesign. Room for a 160 kW battery opens the door for a streamlined coupe to potentially offer 1000km (621 miles) of range. Tell us what you would like to see on the EVX in the commets below, and stay with us for all your EV news.


Images (C) Williams & Italdesign

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