3 Awesome Features of the New Alpha Spritz 116 Superyacht

It should be noted that this superyachts awesomeness is not limited to these three features.

The new Spritz 116 from family-owned Alpha Custom Yachts is an aquatic masterpiece thanks to many features and amenities that can be found from aft to bow. So much so, in fact, that Denison Yachting details three of the standout features that make the Spritz 116 a magnificent motor yacht.

First up is the “Huge Interior & Exterior Volume.” Being a 145′ yacht with a 26’11” molded beam, there is plenty of space found within the Spritz 116. What’s most important is that this space is used in a smart manner so that guests can enjoy every bit of space onboard the vessel. While you may think that just the interior is being referenced here, you’d be mistaken as the exterior areas have plenty of spaces for relaxing areas both in the sun and in shade.

ampha spritz 116 1

Next is the Spritz 116’s “Enclosed Exterior Dining.” As mentioned before, there’s plenty of exterior space onboard this yacht and a portion of it is reserved for the well-protected aft dining area that can fit 12-guests. This alfresco dining area includes a large marble dining area and a wet bar, as well as a teak ceiling that’s fitted with air conditioning vents, LED lighting, and a surround sound system.

ampha spritz 116 4

Last, but not least, are the “Endless Customization Options” that are offered by Alpha Custom Yachts. If you can dream it up, the expert designers and shipbuilders at Alpa Custom Yachts can make it happen. From sound insulation, floating floorings, and fill-size showers to custom paint on the radar domes, and beyond, there’s so much that can be personalized. Of course, you’ll have to

If you’re interested in seeing what Alpha Custom Yachts’ Spritz 116 has to offer, be sure to reach out to Denison Yachting for more information.

Source: Denison Yachting

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