41 car gadgets, accessories, car care essentials!

From stuff that costs a couple hundred rupees to several thousands, this big list of car accessories and gadgets covers the needs of almost all Indian drivers, we think!

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Seat belt cushion

So that passengers can sleep better!
Buy seat belt cushions on Amazon

Car boot organisers

Keep the boot organised
Buy car boot organisers on Amazon

Trash bins

Many different designs
Buy car trash bins on Amazon

Anti-slip Dashboard Mat

Keep stuff safe
Buy on Amazon

Microfibre cleaning cloth

Must-have in the monsoons
Buy these on Amazon

Car vent cleaner

Don’t want to breathe in the dust, right?
Buy on Amazon

Vacuum cleaners

Got kids or pets? You will be grateful you bought this
Find car vacuum cleaners on Amazon

Tyre inflators

Extremely useful. Very affordable to premium options
Buy tyre inflators on Amazon

Dash cameras

A must have on our roads. Dash cameras are extremely useful when it comes to normal recording of your drives, to emergencies like unfortunate accidents.
Price: Rs 2,500 upwards
Buy dash cameras on Amazon

Car reverse cameras and sensors

Get reverse parking sensors or cameras for your old car
Buy car reverse camera and sensors on Amazon.

Beck and back pillows

Headrest and lower back support. Comes in a very wide variety and price ranges. Take your pick!
Buy headrest, back support and pillows on Amazon

Laser stop lamps

Warn other cars eve better!
Price: Rs 300-500
Buy laser stop lamps on Amazon

Car refrigerators

Many sizes. Keep your food items cool.
Price: Rs 1599 upwards
Buy on Amazon

GPS car trackers

Always know where your car is.
Price: Rs 1,500 upwards
Buy on Amazon

Car pressure washers

Monsoons getting your car dirty? Wash it off.
Price: Rs 5,000 upwards
Buy on Amazon

Solar fan

Solar Fan

Price: Rs 450 to 799
Keep your car comfortable in the heat
Buy solar fans for your car on Amazon

Solar sunshades

Sunshades for all cars
Price: Rs 2,000 to 10,000
Buy Solar Sunshades on Amazon

Portable battery charger

Price: Rs 4,000 – Rs 12,000
Useful for jumpstarting car, and as powerbank
Buy portable car battery chargers on Amazon

Smartphone HUD

View your speed on the windshield glass
Price: Rs 1,000 – 3,000
Buy Heads Up Displays on Amazon

Phone mounts

Big variety, lots of options
Buy mobile phone mounts on Amazon

USB chargers

For most USB-powered gadgets in your car, or charging your phone and powerbank
Buy USB car chargers on Amazon here.

Car humidifiers

Not critical in the monsoons, but when the summers come…
Here are a few car humidifiers on Amazon

Electric coffee warmers

Get your caffeine shot even the traffic begins to irritate you!
Find electric coffee warmers for cars on Amazon

Tyre pressure monitors

So what if your car doesn’t come with it?
Buy tyre pressure monitors on Amazon

Back seat organiser

Work from car, or carry a lot of knickknacks while traveling?
Buy car seat back organisers on Amazon

Car Air Ionizer
Some of these even have HEPA filters
Rs 350 – Rs 6,999
Buy Air Ionizers on Amazon

LED wheel lights

Price: Rs 99 to Rs 700

Buy wheel LED lights on Amazon

Anti-glare windshields

Reduce the glare
Price: Rs 200-Rs 500
Buy on Amazon

Window Visors

Window visors / shades keep the rain and wind out
Buy Window visors on Amazon here

Car mats – Normal, noodle, 3D and more

Huge range and variety of car floor mats
Buy on Amazon

Door protectors

Available for most car models
Buy car door protectors on Amazon here

Scuff plates

Protect car from scratches
Buy scuff plates on Amazon.

Car covers

Protection from the sun and rain. Cheap and expensive ones.
Buy car covers on Amazon here.

Gear and steering locks

Old styles, new variations for locking your steering and gear lever
Buy gear and steering locks for your car on Amazon

Blindspot mirrors

Quickest route to extra visibility
Buy blind spot mirrors on Amazon

Car polish

Quickest way to make your car gleam
Buy on Amazon

Fire extinguishers

Must- have in an emergency. Even otherwise, always good to have.
Buy on Amazon

Ambient lights

Not happy with what comes with your car? Check these out
Explore ambient lights on Amazon

Well, that’s it for now! We hope you have found something that would make a difference to your daily driving experience.

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