6 Keys To Successful Jet Ownership

Presented by Park City Aviators.

By Peter Zaccagnino, CEO of Park City Aviators

Private jet ownership comes with innumerable perks, but the secret to fully realizing those perks lies in the details.

Read on to learn how to preserve your jet’s resale value and increase your operational efficiency:

Key #1: Manage Your Jet’s Maintenance

Let’s start with the big picture: Private jets require consistent maintenance to ensure the safety of both passengers and pilots. A proper aircraft management company should solve your maintenance management needs not simply by adhering to minimum maintenance requirements, but also by understanding the value of preventative maintenance; using their experience to improve the efficiency of your aircraft operation.

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Key #2: Utilize Aircraft Programs

Aircraft programs such as MSP and JSSI simplify jet ownership by helping to predict annual operating costs. When it’s time to sell and upgrade, your jet’s resale value will increase because of the favorable view the market has on such programs.

Key #3: Choose The Right Hangar

A proper hangar should include environmental controls, as well as enough space to handle your aircraft properly. In addition to protection from the elements, your hangar should provide a space to conduct routine maintenance, e.g., cleaning and lubricating the landing gear struts with hydraulic fluid.

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Key #4: Ensure The Upkeep Of Your Jet’s Paint

“Ramp presence” is an important factor for many private jet owners, and plays a large part in determining a plane’s overall value. Instead of waiting to fully overhaul your paint at the end of its usable life, it’s considerably more cost effective to consistently review your aircraft’s exterior and fix the slightest blemishes immediately.

Key #5: Organize And Track Your Maintenance Paperwork

Maintenance tracking is more than just adding hours into the tracking software and performing the inspections. It is also a diligent adherence to the compliance of the aircraft. Accurate, thorough, well-organized, indexed records of all inspections, upgrades, and adjustments performed on your aircraft are essential towards retaining your aircraft’s value for resale.

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Front top view on business jet

Key #6: Perform Pertinent Updates

Naturally, not all updates and service bulletins are necessary. But be aware of the fact that the secondary market considers these updates significant when determining your jet’s value.

Park City Aviators can demystify the aircraft management process for you and implement all of the above in order to support you in your successful jet ownership. Please visit our website to learn more.

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Kyiv, Ukraine – September 4, 2020: Gulfstream G-IV(SP) business jet is landing at the airport

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