ANG holds first-ever Dodge Drive

Auto Nation Group (ANG) has launched its first-ever Dodge Drive, in collaboration with Dodge Muscle Car Club, the Manila GTR Owners Club, HP Club of the Philippines, and I&I Mods.


  • When did the Auto Nation Group conduct the first-ever Dodge Drive?

    The event was held last June 25.

  • Who are ANG’s partners for the event?

    The event partners are Dodge Muscle Car Club, the Manila GTR Owners Club, HP Club of the Philippines, I&I Mods, and the NLEX Corporation.

  • In a statement, the event — held last June 25 — helped the company further inform the community to “officially get to know the Dodge brand and the vision behind it, experience the excitement of a Dodge vehicle firsthand, as well as identify the members of the Dodge Muscle Car Club.”

    Dodge Drive

    The company organized activities for the whole day intended for Dodge vehicle owners, club members and special guests. The event includes the northbound, starting from the Dodge showroom in Greenhills, San Juan, had lunch at Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort, then went further to Sacobia Bridge.

    Dodge Drive

    As part of the day-long program, which “showcased the lifestyle of muscle car and sports car owners”, had a special Highway Traffic Safety Course — in partnership with the NLEX (North Luzon Expressway) Corporation — to promote safe driving and the proper use of highways and expressways.

    Dodge Drive

    “This year’s Dodge Drive is only the beginning for Dodge in the Philippines. The brand’s legacy and evolution has consistently highlighted its strength and dependability. Moreover, with the challenges that the world is facing today, it touches on the responsibility that comes with privilege and how the enthusiasm for adventure can be made better when it is built with a sense of community,” ANG said in a statement.

    Dodge Drive

    “Owning a Dodge is about taking ownership of what it means to have the ability to make a difference. The Dodge community, from its inception, has built its reputation as a brand that adapts to the changing times, era after era, and shares the spirit of adventure and camaraderie the world over. This is what it means to be part of the Dodge family and that is how it will be for generations to come,” it added.

    Photos from Auto Nation Group

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