Apple Launches Series 6 Watch With New Improvements

The first Apple Watch released in April 2015, mirroring the functions and capabilities of the iPhone. Five years and 5 Series later, Apple has announced the 6th version of the watch line with even more impressive functions. The new devices operate using watchOS 7 to help power the most recent technological advancements in wellness and fitness competencies. A blood oxygen sensor and app have been added for individuals to help understand the body’s condition during the fitness journey. Apple will be using these health tracking apps to participate in a research study with the help of investigators at the Ted Rogers Center for Heart Research and the Peter Munk Cardiac Center at the University Health Network. All will be using the resources to help understand and work towards managing health issues such as heart disease and asthma.

The speed of the watch has increased by 20 percent to help with the new advancements. Battery life is at an all-day 18-hour length, with the quickness of a full charge dropped to 1.5 hours. The Apple Watch Series 6 will also feature more color options for case finishes and straps. The watch starts a $399 with GPS and $499 with the added cellular feature. Shop the new Apple Watch Series 6 by clicking the link below.

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