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The Avondale Pre-Owned Pledge to you is to provide a wide variety of quality used vehicles that fit your needs and lifestyle. Whether you are shopping for your very first pre-owned vehicle, staying within a certain budget, upgrading to a higher trim level, or looking for a commercial vehicle to support your business, Avondale Group’s Sales Experience Managers are dedicated to finding the best pre-owned option for you.

The Avondale Pre-Owned Pledge:

  • Quality Vehicles
  • Extended Warranty options
  • Elevated Service Experience
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The Avondale Pre-Owned Advantage

Avondale acquires pre-owned vehicles via local trade-ins to support their Dallas-Fort Worth area shoppers. They prioritize vehicles that are maturing via lease or cars they acquire from our Dallas-Fort Worth clients during a transaction. As a luxury dealer, Avondale’s clients trade some of the most well cared for pre-owned vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers as they transition to getting the car of their dreams. They only keep the very best of those to offer as exclusive Avondale Pre-Owned vehicles.

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Avondale’s Pre-Owned vehicles go through a meticulous reconditioning process. This process starts with our certified technicians inspecting all vehicles to determine if each vehicle meets their criteria. If the vehicle passes our technical inspections, they then prepare the vehicle for sale with strict cosmetics checks. Avondale’s cosmetic checks include reviewing the vehicle’s exterior paint and interior leather condition.

The team at Avondale also sources exclusive pre-owned performance vehicles to satisfy their regional supercar community. Those vehicles include Mercedes-AMG, Porsche Turbo, Maserati GT, and other performance vehicles available at the Premier Collection dealership.

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