Bangalore man on a moving scooter works on a laptop: Internet goes crazy

In many corporate offices in India, work from the employees is demanded on an urgent basis, and they have no option but to complete it ‘as soon as possible’. In one such instance, a picture of a man working on his scooter while parked on the side of a busy flyover has gone viral. The instance, which seems to be from the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Bengaluru, was captured by a passer-by and has gone viral on social media platforms.

The picture was captured by a person named Harshdeep Singh, who uploaded the picture on his LinkedIn account with the details of the incident. In the picture, we can see a person sitting as a pillion rider on a Honda Aviator working on his laptop, while the scooter is parked on the side of a road in the middle of bustling traffic. The pillion rider is spotted working on his laptop while he is wearing his helmet, which indicates the gruelling urgency of the work that might be asked of him to be done.

In the caption of the picture, Harshdeep Singh mentioned how he should react to this instance – in amusement or disappointment. Citing the example of this man and his urgency to work in the middle of traffic, he points out the hectic work culture in the corporate sector and questions the ever-demanding work of bosses in some companies.

Work culture in India

Bangalore man on a moving scooter works on a laptop: Internet goes crazy

He says that if a boss is intimidating his employees for work or meeting targets at the cost of their safety, it is high time to think over such a work culture. He also mentions that it is better to use phrases like ‘it’s urgent’ and ‘do it asap’ more carefully, as the overuse and carelessness of these phrases can affect the lives and mental health of junior employees.

After this picture went viral on LinkedIn and other social media handles too, many netizens pointed out their experiences and suggestions about corporate life in the country.

Some pointed out that corporate life in metropolitan cities might be a dream for many youngsters in India, but many of them are unaware of the dark side of this life they face after entering it. Inhuman work timings, insecure job span and inadequate support from seniors and colleagues are some of the instances that many people face in their corporate lives. A few netizens also said that such managers or team leaders are inhuman monsters who do not value or respect human lives at all.

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