Brand-new Range Rover ripped to pieces in bizarre crash

What appears to have been a collision with a bridge reduces a brand-new Range Rover to scrap.

A brand-new 2023 Range Rover has been totally destroyed while being transported on a car carrier in New Jersey, USA.

After being thrown from the transporter, the SUV collided with a Honda Accord before coming to a rest.

It’s unclear how the accident happened, as other identical Range Rovers on the truck appear unscathed. One photo shows a low clearance warning of 14-feet (4.3m) on the other side of the roadway.

The Drive team’s armchair sleuthery suspects the car was positioned with its nose too far back on the upper deck, forcing the rear end to sit just high enough above the other cars, to impact with the bridge.

Regardless of the cause, the poor Range Rover (fitted with Californian manufacturer licence plates) is no doubt destined for the scrap heap.

In Australia, the 2023 Range Rover is priced from $220,200 before on-road costs.

You can view more images on the Carscoops article.

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