Bugatti Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary At The Blue Factory

The name Bugatti holds a special place in the automotive world. Responsible for creating some of the most powerful production vehicles on the planet, the French manufacturer prides itself on pushing the limits. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Bugatti’s Fabbrica Blu (Blue Factory) located in Campogalliano, Italy. It’s not the original factory that produced the 77 prewar vehicles, but instead was home to the Bugatti EB110.

A celebration took place at the 240,000 square meter factory using proper health guidelines, where past and present Bugatti models lined the entrance. The building is painted in Bugatti Blue and presents the notorious emblem proudly throughout the facility. It is home-base for Bugatti’s 200 employees that have worked to produce the EB110, Veyron, and Chiron. One of the special guests in attendance was Romano Artioli, the man responsible for the creation of the blue factory and continuing Ettore Bugatti’s vision.

The company has released that a 110-year tribute Bugatti will be made, named the Centodieci, which translates to 110 in Italian. The hypercar will be constructed as a modern take on the EB110, using its flat and wedge-shaped features. Bugatti has set to release only ten examples of the Centodieci next year, to which all have sold for the price of 8 million euros. Bugatti is a true pioneer in the automotive industry, pushing the limits of both styling and horsepower with no intention of letting off. View all currently listed Bugattis for sale by clicking the link below.

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