Check The Spec: Pristine Icon Bronco in Key Lime Green

In today’s day and age of technology, fuel efficiency, and modernization of the art of transportation, there is one crucial thing missing in cars; soul.

Thanks to companies like Icon, however, we are getting it back. Icon is a brand dedicated to crafting handmade resto-mod reimaginings of the greatest off-road vehicles of the past with the technology of today. 

Over the years, they’ve perfected their craft and have made stellar examples like this one. This is a 1974 Ford Bronco, restored and improved by Icon as part of their BR series. 

Finished in Key Lime Green

Equipped with a 426 horsepower and 402 ft-lb of torque Coyote 5.0 V8 sourced straight from Ford, this Bronco has been revived with a whole new young and powerful heart. Capable of crawling over almost anything, this example has been fully optioned with Currie 60-based axles with ARB lockers. On all four corners are Fox Racing 12” travel coilovers with Nitrogen charged remote canister shocks and a Brembo big brake kit housing 6 piston front and 4 piston rear calipers. On the inside, access to the ARB lockers and controls for the transfer case allows for some serious offroading while having modern AC, Bluetooth radio and a modern 4-speed automatic transmission

All together, mechanically this car not only has soul, but a new and improved one. This particular example was finished in a stellar period-correct key lime green exterior and interior color combination with textile inserts from a 70s school bus

Period-Correct Interior Color Combination

icon bronco 14

It pays homage to the era it came from by maintaining its classic lines and design cues. The exterior has also been modified in preference of modernization and durability with all materials made with modern marine-grade technology to help avoid the corrosion and deterioration older Broncos were plagued with

This Ford Bronco by Icon has been improved in essentially every aspect of the vehicle and it wouldn’t have been possible without the minds of Jamie and Jonathan Ward (CEOs), Camilo Pardo (designer of the second-gen Ford GT), and, fun fact, some of the minds from Nike as they helped with prototyping and manufacturing resources on earlier builds, hence the Nike logos on the car.

If you are interested in purchasing this Bronco reimagined by Icon, you can learn more about it on the link below.

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