The most popular motorsport of the early 80’s was Group B rally racing. Manufacturers were finally embracing turbos as the perfect way to develop incredible power. Enzo Ferrari was never happy to sit idle while his competitors were getting recognized around the world. That’s why he pushed his engineers to cut apart the Group B rulebook and build a car to dominate everyone else.

In order to be able to race, the sanctioning body required Ferrari to sell a few street-legal examples to the public, and this resulted in their first supercar. While many will tell you it is a 308 GTB with impressive power, the only part they shared was the Scuderia Shield. Only 272 examples were built, and only a handful remain. This one being in showroom condition is a Blue Chip investment.

The featherweight body panels were designed to race, so the curb weight hovers around 2,550 lbs depending on driver and fuel. Don’t be fooled by the 2.8-liter V8, as it uses water-cooled turbos to make 400 horsepower and 366 lb-ft of torque. While these numbers were advertised to keep competitors happy, the car delivers much more.

If you have been looking for the first Ferrari Supercar, this Classiche Certified example has under 30,000 miles. It is located in Europe, where it has been shown at the factory for several events. Of course, it comes with the Classiche Certification Red Book, owners manual, and service history. Our friend Marcel Massini researched every event since new, and his report is included. Copely Motors specializes in Concours-Quality cars, and they will help you get it back to the U.S. This is a spot-on price for a significant part of automotive history. Click the button below to learn more and stay with us for more amazing Ferraris for sale.

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