Climate, Safety, Technology and Style Now Changes Your Vehicle

As we bring you trends, events, issues, general updates in the automotive industry and road safety issues it important that close observation is made on the future of the automotive industry. A lot is changing in terms of technology, customer demand requirements as well as economic environment. However the change that holds us to ransom is climate and global warming.

Safety standard has increasingly topped the tick boxes on the list of every buyer of a vehicle. As such, auto manufacturers have also kept their eyes focused on making sure that their vehicles meet these standards.

Road hazards can cause accidents on the highway at any moment. Interestingly, some of the hazards may be out of our control. Acts of nature such as torrential rainfall, snow, thunder and lightening as well as wildfire can take an unexpected toll.

The current revolution in the automotive industry is getting more intense than ever. This is influenced by factors such as climate changes, environmental pollution, high cost of fuel and economic depression around the world.

Hence the fire of competition rages on among auto makers for the control of market shares within regional markets. Most of these firms are using appropriate technologies to fine tune their models to meet the needs of their customers. For instance, the fierce competition in winning market shares in SUVs, pickup trucks  and electric vehicles (EVs) segment cannot be over-emphasized.

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