Combat Motors Announces 2022 Motorcycle Lineup

Presented by Combat Motors.

Combat Motors, known for uncompromising performance and American craftsmanship, announces its 2022 line-up featuring the new Combat Bomber, Wraith, F117 Fighter and P51 Fighter.

The newest addition to the line-up, the Bomber takes what the original FA-13 Bomber started and completes the package. A new laid-back seat angle coupled with forward controls makes this bike the cruiser to lead all cruisers. Starting at $125,000 for the raw aluminum version, the Bomber is powered by the S&S X132 air-cooled big twin. Black ceramic coated exhaust is standard but the intimidation factor is unavoidable.

01 Bomber

Back for another year, and while supplies last, the Wraith is the pinnacle of two-wheel artistry. A carbon fiber seat fairing encapsulates a flame-polished acrylic brake lens that encapsulates the Combat nomenclature. The term, detail, physically takes on a new meaning with this bike. Dual forward and rear foot controls give you the luxury of choice; whether you want to ride aggressively or relax at the forward controls, the choice is always there. A 5-axis sculpturally machined fuel tank and air box as the centerpiece are the embodiment of a no-compromise approach to this bike. Starting at $155,000 for the raw version, power is available through the proprietary X132 architecture and additional power is made possible by the unique intake volume that has been accomplished through the innovative air box design.

02 Wraith

The F-117 Fighter has struck the balance between raw beauty and aggression. It does not make sense, but when you ride this bike, the 117 cubic-inch S&S V-twin provides sound, power and a balanced feeling that should not exist in such a raw machine. We have strived to reduce costs on this machine as much as possible so some options normally available on other models have been removed. Starting at $85,000, perfection may be closer to attainable than one may think.

03 F 117

Tried and true, the original P51 Fighter is still available. For 2022, however, we’ve updated some of the details. The carbon fiber belly pans have been revised and graphic elements on the structural fuel tank refreshed. An optional 117 cubic inch displacement has been added to the list of options along with a digital speedometer built into the handlebar mount. The raw version starts at a lean $100,000 and the legendary “Blag Flag” version now only adds $5,000 to the build.

04 P51 Fighter

Since all builds are based on the S&S X132 architecture, availability is subject to engine availability, as this power plant has been discontinued. The sooner interest is expressed, the more accurately delivery times can be communicated. Brand ambassador, Jay Etheridge, is available at most times to discuss options and answer any questions.

To The Future: Hellcat Will Return…
The newest Combat, currently under development, will bring the Hellcat name back to the forefront. With design elements showing the link to the past; construction, power, and efficiency will be nothing short of innovative. True to the lineage established in the past, the next generation Hellcat will no doubt bring the inner child out of each of its riders. Combat Motors owner, Ernest Lee, says that “We are building the last of these motorcycles with the S&S X-Wedge power plant while working hard to design the new Hellcat which will be available to a wider audience.”

For more information, inquiries can be directed to the Combat Motors website:

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