Cox Automotive confirms business-as-usual despite lockdown

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</span><p>Cox Automotive has confirmed that it will continue to operate all its UK businesses during the latest national Coronavirus lockdown.</p><span>
</span><p>Manheim Auction sites will be closed to buyers and vendors, but its sales programme will continue online using its Simulcast platform with a ‘click and collect’ style service.</p><span>
</span><p><a href="">Other car auctions have indicated that they will maintain business as usual for stock-sourcing dealers during the latest lockdown.</a> Members of the National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA) told the trade body that lockdowns announced for England and Scotland on Monday (January 4) would not restrict their ability to trade online despite the closure of non-essential retail.</p><span>
</span><p>Auctions were part of a lockdown exemption list detailed in Government lockdown legislation posted on the website following Boris Johnson’s national address.</p><span>
</span><p>All other parts of Cox’s business, including Movex, Nextgear Capital and Dealer Auction, remain unaffected by the restrictions, although the firm stated that it will continue to operate in a Covid-secure manner.</p><span>
</span><p>A statement issued by the company said: “Our highest priority remains the safety and wellbeing of all employees, customers, contractors and suppliers. Action has been taken to protect and support colleagues who need to shield and those with childcare demands.</p><span>
</span><p>“We have very robust and well established COVID-secure processes and working practices in place throughout the business. In light of the revised guidance, we are nevertheless implementing enhanced COVID-secure measures in all areas.”</p><span>

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