Customer Race Cars: Realizing A Dream

Dedicated motorsport divisions and client racing programs let drivers get a taste of life as a racer.

As automotive and motorsport enthusiasts, we all dream of the day we can get behind the wheel of a factory race car and push it to the limits on a legendary circuit. While the reality of becoming a professional racing driver is a challenging task in itself, automotive brands are making the goal of owning a factory race car more attainable by establishing dedicated motorsport divisions. These client factory race programs allow individuals the opportunity to purchase, service, and race vehicles that sport the badging of the world-renowned brands that compete in professional settings.

Manufacturers that participate in these programs include Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes-AMG, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Toyota, and Mazda, among others. Starting as a blank canvas, each chassis comes fit with identical performance and technology features that level the playing field for aspiring drivers with any amount of experience. With performance and technical settings in order, all that’s left for the owner and/or team to do is design a livery that embodies the personality of the participants.

Through organized race series and events that bring together like-minded owners, each program presents a safe and educational environment celebrating the true spirit of competition. The stress of sourcing parts and repairing a race car after a grueling track day is alleviated with quick-response service departments that help to maximize your time on track during the season. Along with offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, customer racing also opens the door to starting a professional career in the growing world of automotive motorsports. Discover the available factory race vehicles and customer race programs by contacting your preferred automotive manufacturer.

This article appeared in our May 2022 issue.


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