Discover The Medford Guy’s Executive Marauder Knife Set, For The Uncommon Man

The Medford Guy’s newest luxury creation for the uncommon man.

Presented by The Medford Guy – It’s safe to say that the best things in life come in pairs, and for The Medford Guy, that statement falls true to the art of manufacturing high-end American-made knives. Specializing in supplying a collection of luxury knives to the uncommon man that sport one-of-a-kind designs, The Medford Guy prides himself on continuing to incorporate artistic innovation into the traditional process of knife-making.

The Medford Guy

The Medford Guy is proud to present the all-new signature Executive Marauder Set, featuring the eye-catching Marauder-H and Midi Marauder. The Medford Marauder gets its name from the A-26 Marauder of WWII. Known for incredible fire-power and brute force toughness, the Marauder from Medford Knife and Tool is an excellent namesake. The release comes as a first-ever knife set for the brand, presenting an opportunity to own two exquisite hand-made examples for any collector or enthusiast.

The Medford Guy

The Medford Knife Marauder-H takes shape as the big brother of the pair, showcasing a robust design that follows the premise of ‘less is more’. The lightweight handle construction features a cement finish with ‘Blue Moon Creator’ sculpted titanium scales, adding an iridescent style that mimics the look of rain droplets. The knife is secured using flamed titanium hardware, with an additional pivot action and matching blue moon creator pocket clip for a convenient compact carry. True beauty lies in the razor-sharp Chad Nichols Venom Tango blade, where its 3-3/4 inch size point to the meticulous line work of the precious metal.

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The Medford Guy

With all of the function and style of its larger counterpart, the Midi Marauder-H reimagines itself in a smaller size for those looking for a pocket knife feel that still packs a punch. The Medford Midi Marauder shares the same .190-inch blade thickness as the Marauder-H and still utilizes the overbuilt .187-inch solid titanium scales. Although it shares the same magnificent finish, the Midi Marauder-H measures at a smaller 7.9-inch total length that delivers a very capable everyday carry experience. The new Executive Marauder Set by The Medford Guy is currently available for $12,000 by clicking the link below.

Source: The Medford Guy

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