Experience Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems’ New Momentum Series

Presented by Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems.

The Momentum HD Preamplifier and Momentum M400 MxV Mono Amplifiers combine to create the foundation of a reference-level music system capable of rendering voices and instruments with an intoxicating lushness and richness. Fine-grain details and delicate musical shadings are fully extracted from any record, disc, or streaming source. Coupled to this resolution, the Momentum System delivers musical dynamics with a visceral impact that is thrilling to experience.

Achieving the Momentum System performance level requires an approach that borders on the fanatical. Every area of design from mechanical integrity, construction materials, and electrical isolation is evaluated, refined, and optimized to achieve the engaging music playback that defines the Momentum System.

The heart of the Momentum System is the Momentum HD Preamplifier. Executed using two structures, the power supply circuitry is isolated in the lower chassis with the sensitive audio circuitry in the upper unit. Custom-designed components, circuit boards, and mechanical assemblies are featured throughout the unit including a Bluetooth remote control that eliminates line of sight requirements and extends operating range.

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Machined from a solid block of Aluminum, the core of the Momentum M400 MxV Mono Amplifiers houses a 400 Watt powerhouse of an amplifier that is surprisingly compact for this power output. A large power reserve and output capability is crucial to speaker performance and ultimate sound quality. Starting with a custom-designed power transformer and culminating in a unique output stage circuit, the Momentum M400 MxV delivers the perfect signal to any connected loudspeaker. Copper heatsinks aid in cooling the amplifier with an elegant solution that is unique in the industry. Altogether, the Momentum System is the centerpiece of a reference caliber audio system.

As with all Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems’ components, the Momentum models are hand-built in their Arizona facility by a team of dedicated technicians and craftspeople.

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