Festival Del Toro Rally 2022 Recap

Presented by Festival Del Toro.

The first Festival Del Toro rally in collaboration with Lamborghini Paramus, and the third in total, has come and gone, leaving behind incredible photos and participants who will never forget the experience. Nicknamed the “Rilevare,” which translates to “the takeover,” this rally had approximately 57 Lamborghinis showing up in total for the event.

(Images by @Great.dt)

To start off the rally, all participants enjoyed breakfast together at Lamborghini Paramus, getting a chance to know each other and also putting their respective decals on their Lamborghinis. Next, the group left the dealership and headed towards their next stop, traversing through the backroads near Paramus, New Jersey. Staying as a “herd,” the group arrived at their destination, High Point Lookout which is the highest peak in New Jersey.

It was at this spot that the participants regrouped and enjoyed the view before heading toward their final destination in Morristown, NJ. The destination? the 5-star restaurant 1776 by David Burke. Each participant enjoyed a 4-course meal with celebrity chef David Burke in attendance. As a nice cherry-on-top, thanks to the mayor of Morristown and David Burke’s team, the rally was able to reserve 60 spots in front of the restaurant with police officers reserving the spots. This allowed all of the Lamborghini to put on a beautiful lineup in the center of Morristown Square.

The 3rd Festival Del Toro was a fantastic event that gave all participants an unforgettable day of luxury and Lamborghinis that they’ll never forget. Be sure to be on the lookout for the fourth event!

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