For Verijet, Sustainability Means “Doing Whatever It Takes”

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Do you know what “sustainability” means? There are many definitions depending upon who you ask. From a global perspective, sustainability is defined as meeting three main goals: economic, environmental, and social. In other words, it’s simple yet complicated.

According to ICAO, mobility is key to socio-economic growth. According to multiple industry sources and NASA, air travel forecasts show a growth rate of 4% to 5% annually over the next two decades. The aviation industry’s share of harmful emissions will also grow unless steps to reduce or even eliminate emissions are taken. The industry must embrace “sustainability” practices in economic, environmental, and social areas to protect the earth, keep air mobility robust and growing, and offer benefits to more people everywhere.

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Verijet’s definition of “sustainability” is straightforward, and we are doing whatever it takes today and for the future. Verijet is committed to protecting the environment and preserving the earth for future generations while promoting personal air mobility for the masses that is more enjoyable, less polluting, quieter, more efficient, and cost-effective for all air travelers.

Practically speaking, Verijet is already one of the most “sustainable” air mobility operators today, even at our youthful age of 18 months. All our flights are 100% carbon neutral at no extra cost to our clients. Our fleet is composed exclusively of Cirrus Vision Jets with exceptional fuel efficiency leading to less carbon emission and lower operating costs. Vision Jets can use drop-in sustainable aviation fuels that significantly reduce carbon emissions even more. Verijet optimizes routing and operations via massively parallel computing systems and artificial intelligence to drive efficiency. Better efficiency yields less energy and fuel consumption and fewer emissions. Vision Jets can fly in and out of smaller local and regional airports; This leads to significant reductions in the ground and air travel distances, leading to less fuel consumption and harmful emissions. Verijet will continue to push the boundaries of sustainability forward by purchasing SAF as it becomes more available. We will be expanding service regions to make private air mobility available to more people in more places and continuing to invest in new innovative technologies that drive higher operational efficiencies, lower costs, and reduce emissions.

So, what are you waiting for? VJET to your next destination with the assurance that you are helping protect the planet while enjoying the benefits of private air mobility. Give us a call today at 833-VERIJET or visit our website at

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