The Genesis line-up currently consists of just four models, including three sedans – G70, G80 and G90 – along with the GV80 SUV. It was always expected that new models will be introduced, with this notion being confirmed by a video released by the company when the latest G80 made its debut.

Now, we’re getting our first look at one of the brand’s upcoming models, the GV70, which is being teased wearing it calls a “G-Matrix” camouflage. According to the company, the pattern is “inspired by the diffused reflection of light from precision cut diamonds and is a core part of the Genesis brand identity.”

An official reveal date wasn’t provided, but the company says that camouflaged units of the GV70 will be tested on public roads in Korea for a period of one month. As its name suggests, the GV70 slots in below the much larger GV80, and will becomes the second Genesis SUV model that customers will be able to buy.

Despite the trippy camouflage and “creative” camera work, we can clearly see the brand’s signature “Athletic Elegance” design language in the styling of the GV70. At the front, the “Superman-style” Genesis grille gets flanked by two-tier headlamps, with the look of the latter repeated for the taillights as well.

The overall shape certainly appears sleeker when compared to the bulkier GV80, with a more dynamic face that features large corner inlets. There are some similarities, as we can roughly see small side windows between the thick C-pillars and D-pillars, while the roofline appears to taper down to a steeply raked rear window. No shots of the interior now, unfortunately.

“We are thrilled to share this early sneak preview of our second SUV, the Genesis GV70. It telegraphs an exciting new design and reinforces the core brand values that run through our lineup. We look forward to sharing full details on GV70 with everyone in the near future,” said a Genesis official.

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