Guntherwerks 400R Old Fashioned Commission Arrives at duPont REGISTRY

With design and performance at the pinnacle of Porsche’s automotive excellence, Guntherwerks aims to enhance its driving experience.

Delivered to its new home at duPont Registry Supercars in Miami, Florida, this is the Guntherwerks 400R Old Fashioned Commission. The bespoke configuration comes directly from the team in California, specially built as a Puerto Rico commission for its lucky new owner.

Being one of the leading Porsche restoration modifiers, Guntherwerks aims for success by taking inspiration from the current RS range of cars and applying the same principles to the exclusive bespoke 993 builds. Utilizing modern day technology, that simply didn’t exist in the 90’s, Guntherwerks started their journey to redefine an Icon. The 400R Old Fashioned exterior features a vibrant Mandarin Orange paint finish with exposed blue carbon fiber accents.

Its driver-oriented interior presents a matching orange and blue design, showcasing Guntherwerks’ close attention to detail with accented leather and deviated stitching. The use of weight-saving exposed blue carbon fiber finds its way into the 400R’s one-of-a-kind dash board, full-carbon bucket seats, Guntherwerks’ design carbon steering wheel, and additional trim components.

Regarding the 400R Old Fashioned Commission’s arrival, the President of duPont REGISTRY Supercars, Victor Gomez IV, commented: “We commissioned and sourced this vehicle with an excellent client that trusted us to help make something truly unique and to his liking. Thanks to the incredible team at Guntherwerks, we were able to commission this bespoke 400R for a very special client and could not be happier.”


Offering the best of both worlds, Guntherwerks fits the upgraded 993 Porsche with a modern 4.0-Liter meticulously developed by Rothsport of Oregon. The naturally-aspirated flat-six engine platform produces over 400+ horsepower and 330-lb ft of torque at a 7,800rpm redline. The state-of-the-art engine management system is controlled through the 993’s traditional 6-speed manual Getrag G50 transmission, which is reborn with custom gear ratios for optimum performance.

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