Here are 14 AmazonBasics car & motorcycle accessories selling at 60% discount!

AmazonBasics sells a lot of accessories for cars and motorcycles. The best part about the accessories carrying the AmazonBasics brand is that they’re of high quality, and are also much more affordable than accessories from other brands. Amazon’s Prime Day sale is now on, and here are 14 AmazonBasics car & motorcycle accessories selling at a whopping 60% discount.

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AmazonBasics Portable Tyre Inflator

This must-have device will ensure that keeping the optimum tyre pressure on your motorcycle/car is extremely easy. Also, it’s a great addition to your puncture-repair kit.

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AmazonBasics Long Handled Car Wheel Brush

This is for all those who prefer to maintain their cars by themselves. Alloy wheels can get dirty and grimy, especially during the monsoons. This handy brush will ensure that maintaining your car/motorcycle’s wheels is an easy task.

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AmazonBasics Expandable Hitch Rack Cargo Carrier Bag

Want a waterproof bag to carry luggage on your car’s roof rack? Well, here’s an expandable bag for just that. It’s fade resistant and even gets its own carrying bag for storage when not in use.

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AmazonBasics Car Window Stick-On Sun Shade for Rear & Side Windows

The Supreme Court’s sun film ban means that you need a different option to save yourself from the sun. Sun shades are a viable, affordable solution, like the ones here.

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AmazonBasics Car Windshield Sun Shade

A car parked in the hard sun can really heat up, and even the AC in full blast when you come back to drive off, won’t help. To keep the car relatively cool, the car windshield sunshade is a fantastic idea. And it’s quite inexpensive, too.

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AmazonBasics Emergency Seat Belt Cutter and Window Hammer

In the unfortunate event of a crash or for that matter a flood, getting trapped in your own car is a distinct reality. That’s when the emergency hammer and seat cutter will come in very handy, and save your life. Simply buy one. This super affordable accessory is worth its weight in gold.

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AmazonBasics 4.0 Amp Dual USB Car Charger for Apple and Android Devices

A phone charger that fits your car’s 12V socket is an absolute must have in this day and age. And having two charging ports instead of one is the cherry on the cake. Check this accessory out. It’s at its most affordable price, ever.

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AmazonBasics Foldable Cargo Trunk Organizer 

Say goodbye to things sloshing around in your boot with this well designed Foldable Cargo Trunk Organizer, a nifty addition to your car that will keep things in your boot secure. It;s just perfect for those road trips. 

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AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands

This is a great garage addition, and also a handy piece of equipment to carry when you go off roading. Jacks are always useful for emergency repairs, puncture fixing and even getting a car out of a sticky position.

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AmazonBasics Car Seat Protector

Want your car’s seat to look new even after years of use? You don’t need to keep the packaging material on, but just have to this seat cover.

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AmazonBasics Motorcycle Helmet Bag

Carry/store your expensive motorcycle helmet without the risk of scratches/nicks with this helmet bag. It’ll accommodate all sizes of helmets.

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AmazonBasics Motorcycle Tank Bag

Motorcycle tank bags are a great way of carrying light luggage on long motorcycle trips. This tank bag is quite affordable and looks quite sturdy.

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AmazonBasics Motorcycle Tail Bag

Another way to securely carry light luggage on a motorcycle when you’re riding solo is by using a tail bag. Here’s another interesting item that’s going quite cheap on Amazon.

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AmazonBasics Motorcycle Saddle Bags

These saddle bags are for those who want to carry heavier luggage on their motorcycles while on long tours. Combining them with the tank and tail bag means that you can carry quite a lot of stuff.

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