Heycar continues dealers’ free car deliver offer in ‘Lockdown 3’

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</span><p>Heycar has said that it will continue to offer advertising car dealers free delivery on all until the end of February in-light of COVID-19 ‘Lockdown 3’.</p><span>
</span><p>After dealerships were once again forced to close their showroom doors to customers this week, returning to a <a href="https://www.am-online.com/news/latest-news/2021/01/05/car-dealers-to-rely-on-click-and-collect-in-new-covid-19-lockdown">reliance on click and collect and home delivery services</a> (delivery only in Northern Ireland), heycar said that it was “going the extra mile to keep sales going” with its offer.</p><span>
</span><p>The online classified advertising platform is offering free deliveries on all 100,000 vehicles on its platform until February 28.</p><span>
</span><p>Dealers fulfilling a delivery request for a customer will have the expense reimbursed by heycar.</p><span>
</span><p>The move follows vows from<a href="https://www.am-online.com/news/supplier-news/2021/01/06/auto-trader-axes-february-fees-for-car-dealers-in-covid-19-lockdown"> Auto Trader&nbsp;</a>and <a href="https://www.am-online.com/news/supplier-news/2021/01/07/lockdown-prompts-cargurus-to-waive-car-dealers-february-fees">Car Gurus </a>to axe their advertising fees for car retail customers in February.</p><span>
</span><p><img alt="Karen Hilton, heycar’s chief commercial officer" class="img-responsive" height="177" data-cfsrc="https://cdn.am-online.com/media/1/root/karen-hilton-heycar-2_w268_h268.jpg" data-cfstyle="float: right;" title="" width="268"><noscript><img alt="Karen Hilton, heycar’s chief commercial officer" class="img-responsive" height="177" src="https://cdn.am-online.com/media/1/root/karen-hilton-heycar-2_w268_h268.jpg" style="float: right;" title="" width="268" /></noscript>Karen Hilton, heycar’s chief commercial officer, said: “A new UK-wide lockdown was not the start to the year any of us wanted, but we are keeping leads flowing to dealers in this crucial period.</p><span>
</span><p>"We are keen to provide some certainty to our dealers for the foreseeable future, to help them to trade more confidently during this new lockdown.</p><span>
</span><p>“Free delivery is a vital part of this, giving customers peace of mind, and it’s been a big success with dealers and customers.</p><span>
</span><p>“The knowledge dealers have gained about operating online and nurturing their leads means they are in a strong position to start this year, despite lockdown.</p><span>
</span><p>“We will do all we can to help them sell cars and as heycar is the largest source of cars for free delivery, we are generating quality leads for our dealer partners.</p><span>
</span><p>“As well as supporting with free delivery and a money back guarantee, we’re talking to our dealer partners daily to see how we can best support them now and in future and will continue to be quick to respond to their changing needs.”</p><span>
</span><p>Responding to the ever-changing landscape brought on by the coronavirus, heycar first <a href="https://www.am-online.com/news/supplier-news/2020/11/17/heycar-pays-for-dealers-car-deliveries-until-end-of-2020">introduced free deliveries in early November</a>.</p><span>

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