How much will the 2020 Mahindra Thar cost? Here’s our guess

Mahindra Thar was first introduced in the Indian market in 2010 and later this year, an all-new generation of Thar will be launched. Mahindra launched the first-generation of Thar with a price tag of just below Rs 6 lakhs for the CRDe 4X4 variant but since then, the market has changed a lot and the price of the vehicles has increased multiple times. Mahindra has announced that the all-new Thar will be unveiled on 15th August but the prices will be announced sometime later this year. Given the new technology and features that the all-new Thar will come with, it will be priced higher than the last-generation model. But by how much? Here is what we think.

2020 Mahindra Thar price

2020 Thar Render Production

The last recorded price of the base version of the Mahindra Thar was Rs 9.6 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi. With new features, engine options and transmission used on the all-new Thar, it will get a price tag higher than the last model, which has now been discontinued. Mahindra has always put a value-for-money price tag on its vehicles and the all-new Thar is likely to get a price tag of between Rs 12-13 lakhs for the base version. Anything below that will be a massive surprise and is highly unlikely. Here is why.

New Thar Render Full

Mahindra will use a new platform to underpin the all-new Thar. The platform is not all-new but is derived from the Gen-3 platform of the Scorpio. The new platform has been tweaked so that the off-roading capabilities of the new off roader are not affected much compared to the previous model. Apart from building the 2020 Thar on the new platform, the automaker will ensure that the all-new Thar confirms to the new safety regulations laid out by the government. This also includes pedestrian safety. This will be a major leap from the first-generation model.

Massive changes have been done to the cabin to make it more suited to the family car buyers and people who want to use the Thar for their daily commutes. While Mahindra is yet to officially say anything on the features and the cabin, numerous spy pictures show that the all-new Thar will get forward-facing rear seats, which is a massive improvement from the side-facing seats of the previous Thar. The seats themselves look much more comfortable and are designed in a much better way.

Now coming to the front seat, Mahindra has updated the cabin complete with modern amenities like a touchscreen infotainment system, automatic climate control system, cruise control and much more. All these features were missing from the brochure of the Thar till now. Also, the biggest update would be the factory-fitted hardtop roof as an option. Till now, Mahindra has only offered canvas top with the Thar. However, pictures show that the all-new Thar will get removable hardtop alongside the regular canvas roof version. Even the base version of the Mahindra Thar will come with standard features like dual airbags, parking sensors, which have now been made mandatory by the government.

Petrol engine

Mahindra for the first time will also offer a 2.0-litre mStallion petrol engine with the all-new Thar. While many believe that the price of the all-new Thar will drop due to the use of a petrol engine, it should be noted that there are many other significant changes that have been listed above. Mahindra will also offer an automatic transmission with the petrol and diesel engine options for the first time. It is likely that only high-end versions of the car will offer a 4X4 option with the low-ratio gearbox.

To sum it up, Mahindra Thar will come with major changes and it will be a completely new car. The price is likely to rise by at least Rs 2-3 lakhs for the base version, which means that the all-new Thar’s base version will carry a price tag of around Rs 12-13 lakhs. The top-end variants can cost close to Rs 15-16 lakhs.

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