How To Keep Your Classic Car Rolling With OEM Parts

Keep your classic car rolling with authentic OEM replacement parts.

For most automotive brands, the vehicles that help pave the way for future endeavors are continuing to be celebrated by communities of collectors and enthusiasts. While advancements in design, technology, and performance are the driving factors for new vehicle fleets, industry-leading brands stay true to their heritage by focusing efforts on manufacturing replacement parts for past and historic models. It is a process misunderstood by most, but for the proud owners, it represents a moment in time that cannot be replicated with the latest and greatest sports car on a dealership’s lot. These pioneering chassis act as rolling marketing for a brand’s reliability while bringing together individuals that share the same drive of collecting classic automobiles.

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The process of obtaining these hard-to-find replacement parts begins at your local dealership, where a knowledgeable parts department staff is available to search and order authentic OEM parts. In most cases, a vehicle’s VIN will decode the configuration of the build down to the nut and bolt, making it a more efficient ordering process with less chance for human error. Along with intelligent part sourcing systems, most dealerships are filled with employees that share the same passion for keeping classics on the road. A local parts counter employee could be the connection you need to complete that dream build, making OEM classic parts the only choice when working on or restoring historic vehicles. For those in more remote areas, this process is streamlined with innovative online OEM part catalogs brought to the comfort of your own home, using high-resolution images and detailed descriptions that help make the first choice the right one.  Discover the growing market for classic OEM replacement parts by visiting your local dealership or by visiting your preferred automotive manufacturer’s parts website.

This article appeared in our April 2022 issue.

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