How to Make This Holiday Season a Car Lover’s Dream

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How to Make This Holiday Season a Car Lover’s Dream

When you have a gearhead in your life, it’s easy to know what to get them. They’ll thrill over something automotive — it’s just a matter of what. If you’re looking for ideas, you’re in the right place. Here is a guide to help you find the perfect gift for the car aficionado in your life.

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Go Practical

Sometimes, the best gift is one that’s useful, so think about what your car lover could really use over the next year. Maybe it’s a gift card for multiple oil changes so they don’t have to do the work themselves. Or, perhaps it’s a gift certificate to a car wash so they can keep their ride shiny and new. For the DIYers, you can put together a bucket of top-notch detailing or car wash supplies. Take it to the next level and get them specialty cleansers or detailing clays to help their paint job maintain its lustrous look.

For practical with a side of wow, consider buying them a new garage door complete with a fancy new opener and having it installed. Or you can have a lock installed to prevent theft. Search “closest locksmith to me” to find a dependable and well-reviewed local locksmith. A locksmith should be properly insured and offer a warranty on their work.

Give the Gift of Experience

If your car lover doesn’t own a sports car but has always wanted to experience driving a luxury vehicle, help them put the pedal to the metal with a session on a real race track. The exhilaration of getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari for a few laps will leave them with memories for a lifetime. Or, maybe the feel of a NASCAR racing experience is more their speed. There are plenty of options, from a three-lap ride along to a Richard Petty Racing Experience.

Brand Their Gift

Most car fans have an absolute favorite make and model. Even if they don’t own their favorite automobile, you can go online and get any number of gifts relating to it. You can get colorful shirts that sport logos, model cars, or even neon signs they can hang in their bedrooms. They will know you really thought of them when they open something that shows you were paying attention. If you want to get them something classy but you can’t afford to rent their favorite car for a day, you could always get them some artwork. There is much more available than simple paintings or posters, so keep an eye out for something unique. You can get sculptures, hand-painted models — there are plenty of options to choose from online.

Accessorize Their Vehicle

Nothing brightens time on the road than a good car-related gift. There are safety items you can get, such as a window-breaker in case of an accident. Or, you can get them a tire-pressure gauge that sends information to their smartphone, letting them know when it’s time to balance their tires. A dash cam can record gorgeous drives, as well as offer a form of protection should a fender-bender occur. Adjustable smartphone mounts are an excellent gift, as they keep the driver’s hands on the steering wheel. If they drive a classic, you could get them a Bluetooth car kit or a USB car charger. This way, they can get the best of both worlds.

This year, wow the gearhead nearest and dearest to you with the perfect gift. Don’t get them something average; instead, find something that will show your love. Remember, it doesn’t need to be expensive to be the best gift they’ll receive this year.

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