Hyundai Ioniq 6 N: Electric performance concept leaks

Hyundai’s newest electric performance car has surfaced online, with a wide body and a special badge.

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 N concept has leaked ahead of its rumoured reveal on Friday.

Images published on Instagram by Shorts Car appear to show Hyundai presenting off the Ioniq 6 N concept to an unnamed event, ahead of ‘N Day’ on 15 July.

The vehicle has received a number of styling changes, including an aggressive front spoiler with ‘N’ painted on the grille, a bonnet vent, wider body, eyelids on the headlights, and a large rear spoiler.

No technical details were revealed with the leaked photo – and Hyundai has been tight-lipped on specifications thus far. However, the post did include the hashtag ‘#rm22e’, which appears to correspond with a badge at the front of the car.

The use of the RM22e badge suggests the Ioniq 6 N concept is being used as a ‘rolling lab’ for development of future electric performance cars.

Curiously, it appears as if Hyundai could be showing off the Ioniq 6 N before the Ioniq 5 N, which is believed to be edging closer to production as the company’s first electric N car. Exact launch dates for these cars are also unclear.

Stay tuned to Drive for coverage of Hyundai’s N Day this Friday 15 July 2022.

Ben Zachariah is an experienced writer and motoring journalist from Melbourne, having worked in the automotive industry for more than 15 years. Ben was previously an interstate truck driver and completed his MBA in Finance in early 2021. He is considered an expert in the area of classic car investment.

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