Hyundai to build EVs in Singapore starting from 2022

Hyundai is reportedly set to begin manufacturing electric vehicles (EV) under its Ioniq sub-brand in Singapore from 2022, according to The Straits Times. The newspaper reported that the Korean automaker will build 30,000 EVs a year in the republic, with a fifth of that volume meant for sale domestically, citing Hyundai distributor Komoco Motors’ executive chairman Teo Hock Seng.

The cars will be assembled at an as-yet-unbuilt 28,000 sq metre plant in Jurong. Construction of the facility was supposed to have begun in May, but has been delayed to October due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The report further mentions that the first EV that will be built at the plant will be a compact crossover called the Ioniq 3. This is a new model that has previously not been mentioned, but follows on the company’s new naming convention of designating all Ioniq SUV models with odd numbers and its sedans with even numbers.

Last week, the company revealed that it was spinning off its Ioniq name into a sub-brand, which will be dedicated to battery electric vehicles. Its first three models were highlighted, the Ioniq 5, a crossover due in early 2021, followed by the Ioniq 6, a sedan set for 2022, and the Ioniq 7, a large SUV set to arrive by early 2024.

Hyundai had previously stated plans to introduce 13 electrified models by 2022, and in its latest announcement on Ioniq has set a target of selling one million of these vehicles by 2025. Earlier this year, it had also revealed that it was due to have an innovation centre up and running in Singapore by 2022.

The EV manufacturing operations in Singapore looks to be an extension of its planned EV push in Southeast Asia. In November last year, the automaker announced that it would be investing US$1.55 billion to establish a manufacturing plant in Indonesia, expanding on its original intent outlined a year earlier.

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