India’s first modified Tata Nexon EV [Video]

As the government and state authorities are pushing for electric cars in India, manufacturers are launching new vehicles in the market. Tata launched the all-new Nexon EV earlier this year and it is currently the most affordable electric SUV in the market. Tata has received a good response and there are many who are choosing the Nexon EV. Here is the video of a Tata Nexon EV that has been modified on the day of its delivery. Here are the details.

The modification or the upgrades have been done by Northway Motorsport led by Mr Hemank Dabhade. There are quite a few interesting transformations done by the team in the past and it includes Chevrolet Beat and Maruti Suzuki 800 conversion to electric vehicles. This project is limited to upgrade of the Tata Nexon EV to make it more fun to drive.

This is the XZ+ variant of the Nexon EV, which is positioned just below the top-end fully loaded version. The upgrades that Northway Motorsport team installed in this car include better tyres with new alloy wheels and bigger disc brake with better callipers for efficient braking.

The XZ+ variant of the Nexon EV comes with 16-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels installed from the factory. However, the massive 245 Nm of peak torque, which is available right from zero rpm seems to be too good for the stock tyres. The video shows the installation of bigger alloy wheels with lower-profile tyres. It sure makes the Nexon EV look much better and adds a beautiful stance to the car. The bigger tweak done to this Nexon EV is the upgrade of the brakes.

The stock Tata Nexon EV gets ventilated disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear. Northway Motorsport decided to upgrade the front brakes on the car since it is an FWD vehicle. For that, a bigger drilled rotor disc and six-piston callipers. The stock version is a solid ventilated disc with a single-piston calliper.

To fit the updated rotor disc, the plate had to be customised to fit the stock grooves of the Nexon. For that, new holes were drilled with updated PCD. The whole set-up looks much better than the stock. Currently, it is the only Nexon EV in the market with updated brakes and alloy wheels and it sure looks great. As more people get their hands on the electric cars in the future, we are sure to see many more such innovations and upgrade work on the vehicles.

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