Introducing the New Ultimate Jeep by Ultimate Toys

Presented by Ultimate Toys.

It’s time to be seen and heard. The Ultimate Jeep is the boldest Jeep on the market and is a statement piece from every angle. Front to back, top to bottom, the entire Jeep has been reimagined, redesigned, and upgraded with superior performance and luxury parts to craft this irrefutably cool road machine.

The new Ultimate Jeep offers a massive list of exterior upgrades. For the exterior, this Jeep is equipped with quite a few modifications that make it stand out among any crowd of Jeeps. This includes the proprietary one-touch power convertible top, “armor plated” exterior, heavy-duty front bumper, 6 horsepower bumper winch (12,000 lbs capability), upgraded rear bumped, offroad Rock Sliders and sidesteps, and much more.

Inside, the Ultimate Jeep also features new touches that give it a bold-looking cabin. For sound, this Jeep comes with a 1200-watt Alpine sound system worth $10,000 that includes Alpine Torpedo speakers. To control the entertainment, there’s a 9-inch touchscreen that also displays navigation. Ultimate Toys have also equipped the cabin with custom-designed and hand-stitched leather upholstery. And, like before, there’s even more to be discovered within the Ultimate Jeep’s interior.

The Ultimate Jeep is for sale right now at $89,900 even though its retail price is $109,900. For more information, be sure to click the button below.

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