Is a space saver sufficient to go the distance?

Space savers are alternatives to be used only in case of punctures or emergencies. We tell you how long can you use it before replacing.

Published On May 12, 2022 12:39:00 PM


I purchased a Mahindra XUV700 MX recently and the spare tyre is narrower than the rest. I am unable to get a response from the dealership at Dehradun. One version given is that it is fine to use for 20,000km. But the technician says it can only be used to get to the next tyre repair workshop, and not be used as a regular tyre. And if stuck in Corbett, I would have to get help to take the regular tyre for repair and reuse. Is it advisable to buy another regular size tyre and rim and replace this spare? Secondly, can that be stored in the same spot as the narrower spare wheel without worry?

Arun Hari, Dehradun

The differently sized spare wheel in the XUV700 is called a space saver, and it’s a common practice these days as a means to save costs and reduce the amount of space occupied by the tyre in the boot.

The XUV700 comes equipped with a 155/R18-size spare tyre, which is rated for a top speed of 80kph. It is engineered to be used in place of the original tyres in case of emergencies or when faced with a flat. However, the space saver should ideally be replaced with the actual tyre at the earliest.

Due to the difference in size, the driver would encounter compromised handling after switching to the spare tyre and must, therefore, limit the vehicle speed as prescribed
by the manufacturer.

In case of a jungle safari in Corbett, you can get by with a space saver, if you have no other choice, but we would still recommend replacing the original spare tyre with a full-sized unit and mounting it at the designated spare tyre location in the XUV700. It will be an easy fit since the spare tyre bracket would be designed to hold the punctured tyre as well. 

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