Jeep Meridian or Toyota Fortuner: which to buy?

Published On May 06, 2022 11:40:00 AM

Looking for feature-equipped, spacious SUV within a budget of Rs 45 lakh? Here’s what we’d pick.

Mer(ry)idian time

I am looking for a car in the Rs 45 lakh-50 lakh price bracket, which can be stretched if needed. An important consideration for me is legroom as the occupants will be 6 feet tall, including me. I am not considering sedans because of their low ground clearance. The Toyota Fortuner is my first choice, because we have been a Toyota customer for over 10 years, but the lack of features and the probability of a new one coming in 2023 has left me confused. Should I wait for the upcoming Fortuner or look into other options? Please help me choose. I am open to sedans if there is something with good ground clearance.

Nilabhra Guha, via email

The new Fortuner won’t be coming for a while as the facelift was launched just last year. You are right, the Fortuner doesn’t feel well loaded for the price, and interior quality isn’t great either. A good option could be the new Jeep Meridian that goes on sale this month. It has fantastic ride, is well equipped with features like digital instrumentation and a large sunroof, among others, and is nice to drive. It doesn’t have the power of the Fortuner but has outstanding ride quality on any surface. Space in the third row is compromised and the middle row too doesn’t have the most space. The middle seats, however, are pretty comfy as it has good under thigh support and a high seating position.

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