Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 Hypercar Arrives at duPont REGISTRY

Have you ever wondered what the final swan song of Lamborghini’s non-hybrid V12 will be like? The answer is finally here.

Delivered to its new home at duPont Registry Supercars in Miami, Florida, this is the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12. What you see here is a track-only, completely unrestricted, unapologetic V12 monster.

Exclusive to only 40 units, this is how Lamborghini’s VIP clients will be able to experience the highest level of the raging bull’s performance on the world’s most prestigious tracks. Thanks to its intricate carbon monocoque chassis with FIA homologated OMP carbon seats, this car helps maintain its driver in control safely with various modes of adjustments.

On the F1-inspired steering wheel, there are modes to control 12 positions of ABS, 12 levels of clutch actuation, 12 levels of Traction Control, pit speeds, buttons to hydrate the driver, and radio signals. The Essenza has a rear-wheel-drive sequential gearbox developed by X-Trac. Producing over 800 horsepower to the rear wheels, this carbon-clad track car is a result of the data collected by Lamborghini’s Squadra Corse department.

Having gathered years of data through their GT racing experience and success, the Essenza is a hypercar capable of more downforce than any of their GT3 cars allowing for incredible levels of grip and performance.

Regarding the Essenza’s arrival, the President of duPont REGISTRY Supercars, Victor Gomez IV, commented: “What more can I say? It’s the most powerful track-only hypercar developed by Squadra Corse and in my opinion, it’s the best farewell Lamborghini could have done to the purely naturally aspirated V12 engine.”


Being able to receive the car at our facility is a bittersweet feeling. Knowing that this is one of Lamborghini’s final internal combustion only V12s makes this car that much more meaningful. It also reminds us that there will more than likely never be something quite like it again… This and many more hypercars will find their new homes at our latest facilities where we will be dedicated to caretaking, fostering, and finding new homes for these incredible pieces of history.

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