Made-in-India Royal Enfield ‘ELECTRIC’ Bullet: Check it out!

Electric vehicles are often deemed as the future of the automobiles. While manufacturers are working to launch electric vehicles in the market, there are many who are also working on retrofitting electric vehicle components on regular vehicles. Here is a Royal Enfield Bullet that has been smartly converted into an electric vehicle in India. Here are the details.

The transformation job has been done by Cochin, Kerala based Hound Electric who have expertise in the design and development of powertrain for automobiles. This transformation job based on a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 has been done to pay tribute to the brand. The project was done by two interns D Harikrishnan and Mustafa after the inception of the idea by Hound Electric’s CEO Paul Alex as per Electric Vehicle Web.

The work on the transformation job started last year in September and initially, a Hero Splendor or similar lightweight bike was being considered. However, the duo planned to use a 10 kW electric motor and to power it a 72A/60V battery pack, which could be fitted on a small bike. Which is why Royal Enfield was chosen for the job.

The chassis of the Bullet EV has been designed from scratch and the frame comes from a scrapyard. It uses a Permanent Magnet Direct Current (PMDC) electric motor, which is sourced from an Indian manufacturer. The battery weighs around 32 kg and the electric motor weighs around 10 kg. The battery is located in the space where the engine of the Royal Enfield Bullet used to be. The space below the tank now has keeps the battery with inhouse fabricated mounts.

The bike weighs 166 kg and it can run for around 80 Kms on a single full charge. The top speed is about 100 km/h depending on the road conditions and the weight of the rider among other conditions. However, the time that it takes to charge completely is not known.

The whole project took about 10 months and the cost comes to be around Rs 35,000 for the transformation. The team did not ad the cost of the motor, battery and a few other components because they already had these with them.

With the transformation job, the team wants to convert the message that the electric vehicles can look retro and be futuristic at the same time. Interestingly, Royal Enfield is also working on the electric motorcycle and it is expected to be launched in a few years time.

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