McLaren Speedtail in Heritage Gloss Steel Heading to Mecum Indy 2022 Auction

Presented by Mecum Auctions.

On October 26, 2018, McLaren Automotive announced the revolutionary Speedtail, the fourth entry in its ambitious McLaren Ultimate Series enterprise after the Senna, the P1 and the F1. Number 87 of just 106 produced in 2020, this McLaren Speedtail is offered at a mere 275 miles. Boldly described by its creators as “a pure fusion of science and art in automotive form,” the Speedtail is the first of what the Woking company refers to as its first-ever Hyper-GT, a category McLaren has created and defined on its own terms with this sensational automobile. With a top speed of 250 MPH, it is also the fastest roadgoing McLaren ever, the result of blending sheer motive power, lightweight, advanced aerodynamics and mind-boggling technological sophistication.

The Speedtail name refers, of course, to the elongated carbon fiber bodywork, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but is designed to minimize aero drag at speed. Needless to say, that signature feature is but one element in its overall design. It begins with its basic structure, exquisitely formed from Titanium Deposition Carbon Fibre infused with a micron-thin layer of titanium for incredible strength while capable of flexing in response to aerodynamic loads kin service to reduced drag. Like its ground-breaking progenitor, the Gordon Murray-designed McLaren F1, the Speedtail features dihedral doors and a driver-centered three-seat configuration to give the driver the most panoramic view possible, complemented with retracting rearview HD cameras and electrochromic glass that can be controlled by the driver to reduce glare.

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The Speedtail is powered by a Senna-derived mid-mounted 4.0L M840T twin-turbocharged V-8 engine with parallel hybrid system eMotor combining to produce a total of 1,055 HP through a Graziano 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Driver-adjustable aluminum alloy multi-link suspension, featherweight alloy wheels, super-speed spec tires and tremendous carbon-ceramic brakes all contribute to the symphony of physical and technological forces that combine to thrust the Speedtail deep into Hyper-Grand Touring performance territory. Like all Speedtails, Speedtail number 87 is a bespoke automobile finished by McLaren Special Operations. It is draped in beautiful Heritage Gloss Steel Blue with machined aluminum exterior badging and rides on Michelin P-Zero tires on Gloss Silver wheels, the fronts of which feature 1,000-strand gloss carbon fiber static covers to aid drag reduction. The Semi-Aniline Metallic Blue Silver leather cockpit incorporates McLaren Orange contrasts on the seats and carbon fiber steering wheel, billet titanium shift paddles and a suite of five digital displays, lending to the driver’s impression of being at the helm of a fighter jet. In the quest to break new boundaries, the McLaren Speedtail is without peer, a radical design that has redefined the ultimate in roadgoing automobiles.

Buyer Notice:
This vehicle entered the United States under a “show or display” exemption. Transfer of ownership must be approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) before title can be transferred. Mecum Auctions will work with the winning bidder to ensure the “show or display” requirements are met. Please note that the vehicle can be driven no more than 2,500 miles per year and must be available for inspection by the NHTSA until the vehicle is not less than 25 years old.

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