Mecum Auctions Offering The Dr. J. Christian and Jennifer McCarter Collection at Indy 2022

Presented by Mecum Auctions.

Some auto enthusiasts are born in oil—first holding the flashlight for their pops out in the garage and then graduating to turning wrenches alongside him; others were lulled to sleep at night by the rumble of a V-8, with the roar of those high-performance racing engines serving as their lullaby. For Dr. Christian McCarter, it was a little bit of both scenarios that ultimately fueled his passion for cars—specifically for cars of the high-performance, rare variety from the Ford stables. Having amassed a collection of just such vehicles over the years, McCarter is now ready to part with a selection of them this spring, with a truly impressive variety slated to join the lineup at Dana Mecum’s 35th Original Spring Classic. Below are just two of the incredible lots being offered up in the collection.

McCarter’s selection headed to Indy is a desirable group consisting of both new and old performance-oriented vehicles that are certain to catch the attention of like-minded enthusiasts, and with all of these fine Fords and more having long-lived under his care, they’ll present an enticing opportunity for other dedicated collectors when they cross the block this May.

2019 Ford GT Carbon Series

Protected by film and ceramic coating, it is finished in Shadow Black with Silver accents and features the optional carbon fiber wheels with titanium lug nuts and ceramic coating protection. Inside, the Black interior sports Sparco carbon-fiber racing seats with 6-point harnesses, an F1-styled Alcantara steering wheel with Silver stitching and tilt/telescopic column, 10.1-inch digital instrument cluster and 6.5-inch touchscreen with Navigation, Bluetooth and Sync 3 infotainment system and the matte carbon trim unique to the Carbon Series. An intoxicating blend of beauty, performance and exclusivity, this Carbon Series is arguably the ultimate iteration of the second-generation Ford GT.

2020 Ford GT MKII

Car No. 12 of the 45-car Ford GT MkII production batch, this electrifying, track-only GT MkII is not subject to the Ford two-year resale restriction period applicable to the “tamer” street model. Offered with 332 miles and less than 8 hours of usage, this MkII features the unbridled, twin-turbocharged, 3.5L/700 HP EcoBoost engine delivering the GT’s true potential and not limited to the rules and regulations of racing sanctioning bodies. Visually stunning in its white exterior finish, and protected by film and ceramic coating, the GT MkII features a purposeful black interior with Sparco driver and optional passenger seats with six-point harnesses, a cooling system for driver and passenger, an in-car communication system and a MoTeC data acquisition unit with a rear display camera, all of which is packed within an FIA-compliant roll cage structure.

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