Network with major suppliers at AM Live Virtual event

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</span><p><a height="193" href="" width="358"><img alt="" class="img-responsive" height="193" data-cfsrc="×193-aml-2021-1.png" data-cfstyle="margin: 5px; float: left;" title="AML 2021 logo" width="358"><noscript><img alt="" class="img-responsive" height="193" src="×193-aml-2021-1.png" style="margin: 5px; float: left;" title="AML 2021 logo" width="358" /></noscript></a>There are just 12 days left until <a href="">Automotive Management Live Virtual</a>, AM's&nbsp;online, two-day, festival of motor retail best practice for dealers and OEMs.</p><span>
</span><p>With 18 speaker sessions and case studies from more than a dozen dealer groups at <a href=";_gac=1.258831864.1609758789.Cj0KCQiAlsv_BRDtARIsAHMGVSb_zzG7b9WRz8PggL4l40OMzQ-QzSMll76mpXmRpUwiydK33Oy03cgaAphsEALw_wcB">AM Live Virtual</a> on January 20-21, we&nbsp;can guarantee you’ll log out afterwards with inspiration and ideas to help you run your retail group, dealership or department better.</p><span>
</span><p>You can network virtually with peers too.</p><span>
</span><p>Go to <a href=""></a> for the exact timings and agenda for each day.</p><span>
</span><p>And with the support of major dealer partners, such as RAPID RTC, CDK Global, CitNOW and Marketing Delivery, AM Live Virtual provides a great opportunity to network and find out the support and innovations they'll be providing to help motor retailers in 2021.</p><span>
</span><p>Exhibitors include:</p><span>
<li>Arena Group and Fujitsu PFU</li>
<li>BookMyGarage SecretService</li>
<li>CDK Global</li>
<li>Chrysalis Loyalty</li>
<li>Marketing Delivery</li>
<li>Profit Box</li>
<li>RAPID RTC</li>
<li>RealWorld Analytics</li>
</span><p>Whether you’re in work or on furlough, the time you can spend at <a href="">Automotive Management Live Virtual </a>will be wisely spent.</p><span>
</span><p>All presentations are being recorded and will be on-demand for 28 days afterwards, <a href=";_gac=1.258831864.1609758789.Cj0KCQiAlsv_BRDtARIsAHMGVSb_zzG7b9WRz8PggL4l40OMzQ-QzSMll76mpXmRpUwiydK33Oy03cgaAphsEALw_wcB"><strong>providing you’ve already registered</strong></a>!</p><span>
</span><p><strong><a href=";_gac=1.258831864.1609758789.Cj0KCQiAlsv_BRDtARIsAHMGVSb_zzG7b9WRz8PggL4l40OMzQ-QzSMll76mpXmRpUwiydK33Oy03cgaAphsEALw_wcB">Automotive Management Live Virtual registration is open to dealers and vehicle manufacturers only</a>.</strong></p><span>
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</span><p>As editor, Tim is responsible for the media content, planning and production of AM's multiple channels (AM print and digital magazines, website, social media and contributing to our events planning). He interviews and writes about as many franchised dealer groups and UK divisions of motor manufacturers as possible, to explore the issues facing UK motor retail and understand what solutions dealers and suppliers are using to overcome these.&nbsp;</p><span>

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