Nighthawk Custom: The World’s Finest Custom Firearms

Presented by Nighthawk Custom.

At Nighthawk Custom, we live by our “One Gun, One Gunsmith” philosophy. This philosophy sees that every pistol we build in our Berryville, Arkansas facility is hand-crafted one at a time, from start to finish, by one of our highly skilled pistolsmiths. Every part that goes into a Nighthawk Custom is Fully Machined from bar-stock steel. As every single part starts out oversized, they will then be hand fit by a skilled craftsman. Every detail is meticulously refined to create an heirloom quality firearm that is built to last lifetimes. We go the extra mile to create the most reliable, accurate, and beautiful 1911s on the market.

Along with building “The World’s Finest 1911s,” we have partnered with Korth Arms and Cosmi to offer some of the best firearms on the market today. We are the sole importer of Korth revolvers and Cosmi shotguns in the U.S. today. Korth is world-renowned for building truly elite revolvers. German engineering at its finest, Korth revolvers are hand-crafted works of art. Cosmi makes the world’s only luxury semi-automatic shotgun. Over 100 pieces make up a Cosmi shotgun, each hand-fit and hand-polished to perfection.

At Nighthawk Custom, it is our goal to provide the Ultimate Firearms Experience. It takes skill, time, and passion to create “The World’s Finest 1911s”. Pick up a Nighthawk Custom and you’ll feel the Nighthawk Difference!

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