In a new initiative by the government, there will be no need to carry driving licenses and other related documents from 1st October. The government said that the records of vehicular documents, including driving licenses and e-challans, will be maintained through an information technology portal from 1st October 2020.

From now on, the police will not ask for the physical inspections for the forms like Driving License or insurance of the vehicle. The new software will be used to issue the challans and police officers will be able to check all the details related to the vehicle online through the new portal. All the documents will be uploaded in the system for the police to verify.

Some time ago, the government launched a new app, which allowed motorists to download a digital copy of their documents including the registration certificate and driving license. This move allowed the motorists to move around without these two documents as they can be downloaded in a smartphone. With the new move, there is no need to download the documents as the cops will be able to verify them in their own systems with the help of the new software. The only physical document that any motorist will need to carry will be pollution under check certificate. There is no clarity if the motorists need to carry it or it will be linked to the registration number of the vehicle automatically.

The police officers will get new devices for the purpose. However, in any case, the police officer is without a device, the software is being prepared, which can be downloaded in the smartphones for the same tasks. The software will be linked to the transport database.

The cops will not ask for the documents from now on if they need to issue a challan. It will be issued electronically. On non-payment of the challan, the owner will not be allowed to sell the vehicle or renew the driving license. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways made various amendments to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 to introduce the new laws.

In the past, many incidents have occurred where the policemen have been injured trying to stop rogue drivers. With the new law, the cops can simply write down the registration number and check the related documents online. They can also send a challan online through the new software. It will be also quite beneficial for the motorists who can keep the original documents at home safely.

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