Paul Walker-Driven 2001 Motorex R34 GTR Vspec II Is For Sale

A chance to own the legendary R34 driven by a true automotive icon.

This vehicle right here is a true unicorn and is a real automotive gem that’s for sale through Hive Auto Group. With a plethora of history and some serious heritage, this 2001 Motorex R34 GTR Vspec II is one of 16 rumored Motorex R34s in existence and was driven by the one and only Paul Walker.

In regards to this R34’s specifics, it’s absolutely loaded. Up front in the engine bay is a 2.6-liter inline-6 engine (RB26DETT) mated to a 6-speed manual transmission that sends power through an ATESSA all-wheel-drive system with all-wheel-steering. Other mechanical features include the NISMO carbon air inlet pipes, OEM Nissan airbox, Greddy radiator, Greddy intake manifold, Tein coilovers with electronically adjustable dampers, Trust stainless steel exhaust, Volk TE37 Saga wheels, Momo Apache steering wheel and so much more.

In terms of history, this R34 could be the author of its own autobiography. For many, this car is a memorable sight because it was once driven by Paul Walker and was featured by BFGoodrich in the early 2000s. In fact, Walker was the driver who put the majority of the miles on its odometer in order for it to be properly imported into the USA. As far as its time in the limelight, this GTR was the “poster vehicle” for BFGoodrich after being tuned by Greddy for SEMA.

If you’re looking to own an extraordinarily rare vehicle that is filled with history, look no further. For more information, be sure to call (858)999-3790 or click the button below to view its listing on

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