Porsche Carrera GT in Rosso Fuoco for Sale

Imagine you are a collector of the finest of automobiles and happen to have just about everything in your collection. 

However, you are missing something German, a Porsche perhaps…but not just any Porsche. The missing piece to your puzzle just happens to be what is arguably the greatest water-cooled mid-engined Porsche ever made, the Carrera GT.

That being said, there is a huge reason for you to add one to your collection. Notorious for being extremely dangerous and feared by many respected automotive journalists, the Carrera GT is a naturally aspirated high-revving V10 mated to a manual 6-speed wrapped in a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. Pushing over 600 horsepower out to the rear wheels, this car still keeps up with most supercars of today. 

However, getting one just isn’t enough for you… 

You weren’t able to get one ordered new back in 2005. Nor were you able to order it in any of today’s spectrum of colors from all the automotive manufacturers. In fact, if you could have done so, you would have ordered it to match that LaFerrari that you have in the corner of your collection.

carrera gt 3

That leaves the question of ‘What should you do?’ well logically, do it yourself now that you’ve purchased one and that is precisely what the owner of this particular CGT did.

Enamored with the color Rosso Fuoco from his LaFerrari, the owner of this originally black Carrera GT had this exact vehicle completely recommissioned. Stripped down to its tub, this car was entirely gone through by the team of Carrera GT specialists at Karosserie in Pennsylvania. 

Fitted with the last OEM windshield from Porsche, this CGT had everything and anything that needed to be replaced/taken care of, totaling this recommission/sympathetic restoration to over six figures. 

Available exclusively through duPont Registry, this one-off creation is looking for a new home and is something truly special for the collector of fine vehicles.

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