Prevost’s Ultimate Motorhomes for the Ultimate Roadtrip

Presented by Prevost.

Prevost motorhomes are the premier luxury motorhomes in the world. With over 95 years of motorcoach manufacturing experience, Prevost has emerged as the world leader in the manufacturing of the most integrally sound, strongest, and safest structure available for custom motorhome conversions. We have partnered with the premier luxury motorhome converters in the industry that provide the highest quality workmanship and exquisite craftsmanship to design the ultimate luxurious motorhome of your dreams.

The Prevost Platforms

We offer two motorhome structures to curate your luxurious motorhome dreams: the H3-45 VIP and the X3-45 VIP. Both platforms are identically sound in structure and durability. Learn more about the H and the X models and discover which best suits your motorhome dreams.

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Interior Height: 83 in.
Width: 102 in.
Overall Height (Pre Conversion): 149 in.
Wheelbase: 313.4 in
Underfloor Storage: 505 cu.ft.

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Interior Height: 91.5 in.
Width: 102 in.
Overall Height (Pre Conversion): 143.625 in.
Wheelbase: 334.5 in.
Underfloor Storage: 433 cu.ft

Unsurpassed Structure

There are many components that distinguish the quality of a Prevost’s unsurpassed structure. Our integral chassis-body provides the strongest, safest and most durable foundation in the motorcoach industry. With a stainless-steel upper assembly, our motorhomes provide optimal structural integrity, longevity, and resistance to flex and deformation stresses. The innovative Prevost Beam adds strength to accommodate more weight, greater floorspace and more slide-outs without reducing cargo space.

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Slide Out Technology

We were the first in the industry to produce and provide the innovative slide out technology in motorhomes. Unlike other manufacturers, our slide outs are technically engineered to your specific coach, making it a unique yet perfect fit to provide the best quality performance.

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The Ultimate Service 24/7

Prevost has the most outstanding service network that is designed with one goal in mind: to support you whenever, wherever. Whether you need immediate roadside assistance, want to schedule routine maintenance at one of our Service Centers or need to speak to a Customer Service Manager, the Prevost Service Network is there for you.

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