Rare McLaren Elva Can-Am Tribute For Sale

Presented by The Luxury Collection Walnut Creek.

The rare opportunity to own a fearsome speedster is here.

The McLaren Elva is quite a unique car. With 804 horsepower, 590 lb/ft of torque, and bodywork done entirely in carbon fiber, what it lacks in the roof department it certainly makes up for in thrills. It’s the lightest McLaren ever, and given McLaren’s reputation alone, there’s no doubt at all that the Elva is a thrilling and legendary car with decades of McLaren racing legacy behind it. That racing legacy is proudly shown on this example for sale, because the special livery on this Elva pays tribute to the Can-Am-raced legend of the late 1960s.

Elva 20

With a McLaren Orange exterior color, and graphics that feature Bruce McLaren’s signature and his racing number, 4, the car is a stunning modern take on the legend that spurred much of what we know the McLaren brand for today. Today, orange remains McLaren’s trademark color for racing, a reference to decades of motorsport success. The interior continues to pay homage to historic McLaren race cars, this time with the exterior’s accent color, blue. The stunning interior of this Elva features seats with embroideries fo kiwi birds in McLaren Orange, paying homage to Bruce McLaren’s hertiage as a New Zealander, set against Navy Blue upholstery throughout. Other McLaren Orange accents tie the exterior and interior together.

Elva 8

The racing feel of the McLaren Elva is incredibly apparent, not just for the fact that it’s an incredibly powerful car that lacks a roof, but also for the fact that it features exposed carbon fiber and a racing-focused look and feel everywhere you can see. The McLaren Elva is jam-packed with features that few other cars in the world possess, and this incredibly special version that pays homage to vintage McLaren race cars can say the same and more, and the rare opportunity to own it is here: a car that’s bound to be a showstopper standing still and at breakneck speed.

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