RM Sotheby’s to Offer 1965 Ferrari 275 GTS By Pininfarina At Monaco Sale

Present by RM Sotheby’s.

Ferrari announced the launch of the 275 series in October 1964 at the Salon de L’Automobile in Paris. The series consisted of a hard-top berlinetta, dubbed the “GTB”, and cabriolet spider, from which the GTS takes its name. Both bodies were designed by Pininfarina. While the chassis and engines for the two models were essentially identical, the similarities ended there. The GTB body was fabricated by Maranello’s preferred competition coachbuilder Scaglietti, while the more luxuriously appointed GTS was constructed at Pininfarina’s Grugliasco factory.

The Ferrari 275 GTS was completely different in appearance and proportions to its closed-roof sibling, while the cabriolet car was constructed of steel with aluminum bonnet, boot lit, and doors. Uncovered headlamps, triple-louvered wings, a tapered rear end, and standard Borrani wire wheels were the spider’s key visual identifiers, and those features were eventually carried over to the 330 and 365 GTS variants that followed. Just 200 examples of the 275 GTS were built over an 18-month production period, according to the Ferrari expert Marcel Massini, making the model far rarer than the 275 GTB, of which over twice the amount were made. Prized by Ferrari enthusiasts today as the luxurious grand touring expression of the celebrated 3.3-litre Colombo platform, the 275 GTS has evolved into one of the era’s most collectible open-top Ferraris.

Chassis Number 06963

Completed on 2 April 1965, this Ferrari 275 GTS was destined for Vienna, Austria, and arrived at the facility of the Austrian Ferrari importer, Wolfgang Denzel, that month. This car’s Pininfarina-styled body was finished in the striking color of Grigio Argento, with the interior upholstered in Rosso Connolly leather. Following its arrival in Vienna, this GTS was tested by the Viennese authorities and was declared fit for use on the roads on 30 June 1965. A photograph of the car following the test is available on file, and contained in a historic Vienna registration document.

Later that year, Denzel sold chassis number 06963 to its first owner, Mr. Jirschik in Vienna, who registered this Ferrari 275 GTS on 19 January 1966, with the Vienna license plate “W 663.218”. After three-and-a-half years of ownership, this Ferrari was sold to its second owner, Mr. Dietmar Seidl in Vienna, on 16 October 1969. He registered the car on the license plate “W 664.780”. On 14 April 1971, the Ferrari entered the care of its third owner, Mr. Josef Hascher, in Vienna, who re-registered the car on the license plate “W 48.756”.

Just over 12 months later, this 275 GTS was sold by Mr. Hascher to a Mr. Franz Schiefthaler, an architect from Linz, Austria, who became the fourth owner. Mr. Schiefthaler unknowingly became the longest custodian of this Ferrari, enjoying the car for 30 years. Copies of a historic Vienna registration document show stamps indicating Mr. Schiefthaler was in possession of the car from 3 June 1972, when he re-registered this Ferrari on the Linz license plate “L 81.633”. As can be seen in this document, Mr. Schiefthaler moved address and updated the license plate on 25 April 1984 to “L 3363”. He continued to use this 275 GTS as shown by notarised stamps in 1993 and 1998. At some point during his ownership, he decided to have this rare Ferrari spider restored, electing to change color scheme to Rosso paintwork over a Nero leather interior. Mr Schiefthaler had the Austrian license plates and registration canceled in 2002, ending his 30-year tenure with chassis number 06963.

1965 Ferrari 275 GTS By Pininfarina1242286

In March 2004, this Ferrari 275 GTS was sold via an Austrian and German dealer to the fifth owner, Mr. Stefan Schrörghuber, who registered the car in Germany on 15 June 2004. At some point during his ownership, Mr. Schrörghuber set about a course of restorative work for this Ferrari. While undergoing a comprehensive restoration, this 275 GTS was resprayed in the color of Argento, yet retained the Nero leather interior fitted during previous ownership. Upon his passing in 2008, chassis number 06963 was sold to its sixth owner, residing in Germany. After two years of residing in Munich, this Ferrari 275 GTS was sold to its seventh and current owner on 14 March 2011, who immediately purchased a set of Borrani wire wheels and Michelin XWX tires.

In Current Ownership

This excellent example was “Red Book”-certified by Ferrari Classiche on 15 February 2012, stating that this Ferrari retains its matching-numbers chassis and engine. This 275 GTS was registered in Denmark on 13 August 2013 by the current owner, and in April 2016 Autocentre Gråsten repaired the starter motor, replaced the fuel pump, and fuel filter. In May that year, Classic Sports Car of Stige, changed the spark plugs, fuel hose and fuel filter. In late 2019, the same workshop carried out an oil and filter service, replacing the sump plug. Additionally, they replaced the shock absorber bushes, as well as the front and rear anti-roll bar bushes. The most recent work was carried out on 22 April 2021, with the blower motor replaced, coolant flushed, and a new gasket installed on the radiator cap. During the current ownership period, accumulated invoices exceed €15,000, highlighting the care and attention the consigning owner has bestowed on this stunning Ferrari 275 GTS.

Today chassis number 06963 is accompanied by its bill of sale from 2011, Ferrari Classiche “Red Book”, report by marque expert Marcel Massini, reproduction 275 GTS manual, historic Vienna registration document, and numerous restoration photographs showing before, during and after the process.

This 1965 Ferrari 275 GTS provides a tempting opportunity to acquire a rare and highly sought after open-top Prancing Horse. With its stunning color combination, comprehensive ownership history, paperwork, and Ferrari Classiche certification, this example is prime for enjoyment by its next owner.

This vehicle will be offered at RM Sotheby’s 6th biennial Monaco sale, taking place alongside the legendary Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, on 14 May 2022. Held at the glamorous Grimaldi Forum, RM Sotheby’s will offer some of the world’s finest cars in this can’t-miss event.

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