Shell Helix Power and Helix Protect – fully-synthetic engine oils aimed at different driver requirements

Shell has officially launched its new Helix Power and Helix Protect engine oils, doing so via a digital launch on Facebook earlier this evening.

The fully-synthetic Helix oils are distinctly aimed at drivers with different needs and requirements, but the way they are pitched focuses more on the benefits to users and less on technical specifications. The company says this simplifies the process for customers to choose the right product, based on their driving style and needs.

According to Shell, engine oils are traditionally “low involvement” products, and while Malaysians are known for their love for cars, the majority of users don’t care for technical terms and tend to leave vehicle maintenance to their workshops or service centres.

“With the new Shell Helix Power and Shell Helix Protect, we aim to return the important engine oil decision making to the car owners. Simply choose one that suits your driving style or needs,” said Nyon Kam Yew, Shell Lubricants GM for Malaysia and Singapore.

Both new oils, which carry an API SN Plus classification, feature Shell’s PurePlus Technology, in which a 99.5% ultra-pure base oil is derived from natural gas via a gas-to-liquid (GTL) production process. They differ only in terms of their weight and chosen additive package.

Helix Power is a 0W-40 weight oil that features special performance-focused additives to maximise engine power and deliver faster acceleration for smoother drives on highways, hilly terrain and open roads. The recommended retail price for Helix Power is RM280 for a four-litre pack.

Meanwhile, Helix Protect is a 0W-30 formulation which incorporates engine protection-focused additives to clean the engine and prolong engine life. It is the ideal choice for cars that operate under stressful stop-start, urban driving conditions. Helix Protect is priced at RM240 for a four-litre pack.

In conjunction with the introduction of Helix Power and Helix Protect, Shell Malaysia is offering a free replica Scuderia Ferrari race car with the purchase of a 4L pack of each oil from any participating workshop or service centre. The company added that buyers should look out for the “Untuk Pasaran Malaysia” logo on the packaging to ensure they’re getting a genuine product.

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