Skoda Superb L&K vs BMW 330i: which to buy?

The choice between the BMW 330i and Skoda Superb L&K boils down to your preference – luxury or driving please.

Published On Jun 13, 2022 08:00:00 AM

The move to a sedan

I drive 20km to work every day and drive over 100km once a month, over the weekend. I currently have an XUV500, and although I love its power, I hate its body roll. I want to move to a sedan, but I am confused between the BMW 330i and Skoda Superb L&K as I’m not sure if it’s worth paying the extra for the BMW.

Sandip Mahanta, Bengaluru

If you enjoy driving, the BMW 330i offers far more driving pleasure. The 255hp, 2.0-litre is a brilliant engine offering smooth and terrific performance. However, space is tight at the rear, so if you’re constantly chauffeur driven then it’s a bit of a waste. The Superb L&K, on the other hand, almost matches the BMW in terms of luxury. This particular trim comes with a top class cabin and is far more comfortable than the BMW. The Superb is nice to drive as well, but neither the handling nor the performance is anywhere close to the 330i. So, it finally depends on how much you enjoy driving. But, more importantly, can you find the time and place to drive the 330i to the fullest? Daily driving in town won’t give you the value of the premium you pay for over the Superb.

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