Take It All Off: Stripping The Patina’d Paint Off Of The Valiant Wagon

Without giving away too many details, it’s become quite clear that at some point in the Rough Start Mustang’s future, that a stripdown and repaint will be in order. Am I looking forward to that job? Not only no, but hell no. “Tedious” is the word that keeps coming to mind. It will be a time-consuming adventure in how big of a mess I can make in the garage until the car is ready to be cleaned, prepped, primered and eventually, painted…properly. I do have plans in that regard, but I’m getting way ahead of myself and I don’t want to show all of my cards just yet. I’ve painted, I’ve sanded to bare metal before, but I’ve never used a chemical stripper to remove paint. I’ve used a legitimate stripper to help out in sanding some paint down, but that’s another story altogether…

With the Valiant wagon back in his garage, Scotty is back to work on getting the Aussie-only A-body closer and closer to it’s date with a paint gun. Just like the floors, framerails and other key locations, there are elements to the body that need to be stripped down and repaired before the really good paint is laid down. The roof is the next section to be tackled and since the build of this car is sponsored by Rustoleum, it’s time to put their paint strippers to the test. One is a brush-on variety that will do the job just fine, the other is a spray-bomb version that is supposed to work as well. Enjoy the show and remember to tip well, these are hard times and Scotty’s working hard for the money.

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