Tata Nexon EV Max launched at Rs 17.74 lakh

The Nexon EV Max is available in two variants; gets 437km ARAI certified range; has bigger battery and faster charging option.

After a slight delay, Tata Motors has finally announced pricing for the Nexon EV Max SUV, which starts at Rs 17.74 lakh for the XZ+ variant and goes up to Rs 19.24 lakh for the top-spec Nexon EV Max XZ+ Lux. The Nexon EV Max offers an ARAI-certified range of 437km, thanks to its larger 40.5kWh battery pack. Apart from the longer range, the Nexon EV Max gets additional features over the standard Nexon EV

  • Nexon EV Max gets a 143hp motor with 250Nm of torque
  • Bigger 40.5kwh battery instead of 30kWh set-up
  • Gets two charging options, more features 
  • Gets multi-mode regen feature

Tata Nexon EV Max: battery and range

The Nexon EV Max comes with a 40.5kWh battery pack, which is around 10kWh more than the standard Nexon EV. Despite the bigger battery pack, there is no change in the boot capacity and the Nexon EV Max continues to have the same 350-litre boot as the regular Nexon EV.

The larger battery pack enables the Nexon EV Max to have an ARAI claimed range of 437km, which is 125km more than the Nexon EV. In our real-world range test, however, the Nexon EV managed 208km and we expect the Nexon EV Max to deliver around 300km of real-world range. 

Compared to the regular Nexon EV, the Nexon EV Max adds 70kg to its weight due to the larger battery and another 30kg from the additional equipment. Tata Motors has tuned the spring and dampers to take care of the additional weight, along with modifying the floor structure to accommodate the larger battery. Its ground clearance too is lower by 10mm.

As far as outputs go, the Nexon EV Max gets a 143hp motor that delivers 250Nm of torque, which is 14hp and 5Nm more than the Nexon EV. The carmaker is promising a 0-100kph time of under 9sec for the electric SUV. This goes in line with our story confirming most details about the Nexon EV Max. 

Tata Motors is also offering two charging options – a 3.3kW AC charger that is provided standard with the SUV and a more powerful 7.2kW AC charger. The Nexon EV Max takes around 15-16 hours to fully charge with the 3.3kW AC charger, while the 7.2kW AC version takes around five to six hours. Tata Motors claims a charging time of 56 minutes from 0-80 percent via a conventional 50kW DC fast charger. 

The carmaker says that the 7.2kW AC charger can also power the regular Nexon EV but it will only go to 3.3kW, since that is the maximum intake capacity of the standard model. 

Tata Nexon EV Max: variants and features 

The Nexon EV Max is available in two variants – XZ+ and XZ+ Lux. When it comes to features, the Nexon EV Max gets several new ones over the standard Nexon EV. These include an illuminated gear knob with a park mode, electronic parking brake, air purifier, cooled seats, and safety features like ESP and hill-hold assist. It also gets smartwatch integration and cruise control. The Nexon EV Max gets 8 years/1,60,000km warranty for battery and motor. It gets a unique beige interior theme that will not be available on the standard model. Coming to the exterior, it gets dual-tone colour as standard and is also offered with an exclusive Intensi-teal paint shade option. 

Moreover, the Nexon EV Max gets upgraded ZConnect 2.0 connected car technology with 48 features. It also gets Multi-Mode Regen with four regen levels for braking, with the highest regen level aiding in single-pedal driving. Tata Motors has added an auto brake lamp function that activates once a certain level of regen is reached, effectively warning the road users behind. 

Tata Nexon EV Max: price breakup

When compared to the standard Tata Nexon EV, the Nexon EV Max range is priced Rs 2.95 lakh more. Tata Motors has launched the Nexon EV Max in two variants with four sub-variants. As mentioned above, the range starts with the Tata Nexon EV Max XZ+ with the 3.3kW charger, priced at Rs 17.74 lakh. The next variant is the Tata Nexon EV Max XZ+ with the 7.2kW AC fast charger, priced at Rs 18.24 lakh. The top-spec Tata Nexon EV Max XZ+ Lux start at Rs 18.74 lakh for the 3.3kW option while the most expensive variant of the line-up, the Nexon EV Max XZ+ Lux with a 7.2kW AC fast charger costs Rs 19.24 lakh. 

Tata Nexon EV Max price list (ex-showroom)
Trims Charger option Ex-showroom price
Max XZ+ 3.3kW Rs 17.74 lakh
Max XZ+ 7.2kW Rs 18.24 lakh
Max XZ+ Lux 3.3kW Rs 18.74 lakh
Max XZ+ Lux 7.2kW Rs 19.24 lakh

Tata Nexon EV Max: delivery date and rivals 

The deliveries for the Nexon EV Max will begin in the coming weeks. Similar to the standard Nexon EV, the Nexon EV Max does not have any direct rivals. However, it undercuts the MG ZS EV, which starts at Rs 21.99 lakh and gets a more powerful 176hp motor and a 50.3kWh battery. The Nexon EV Max will be sold alongside the Nexon EV, giving buyers more choice in terms of range and price. Currently, the standard Nexon EV is the highest selling electric SUV in India, and already commands a waiting period of six months in certain regions. 

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